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Merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas! And we have a little christmas present in order that you can share and exchange all your christmas, winter holiday and New Year’s Eve photos with your family and friends: Free collections can hold up to 500 photos until January 10th! There can also be uploaded more photos at once (200 photos for registered users respectively 100 for unregistered users) and free collections can be downloaded with up to DSL 6000 speed!

Furthermore we’re happy to be able to improve free collections based on the experience of hundrets of thousands uploaded photos even after this time span: They will then be able to hold up to 250 photos, registered users can upload up to 100 photos at once (50 photos for unregistered users) and the download speed will be up to DSL 2000.

Features of free collections:

Time span: Dec 12 2009 - Jan 10 2010
Capacity: 500 photos
Amount of photos to be uploaded at once: 200 with user account (100 without)
Max. download speed: DSL 6000

Time span: from Jan 11 2010
Capacity: 250 photos
Amount of photos to be uploaded at once: 100 with user account (50 without)
Max. download speed: DSL 2000

Hint: The features are independent of the creation date of a free collection. I.e. a free collection, which is created now, can only hold up to 500 photos until Jan 10. If it contains more than 250 photos afterwards, they will preserve but it will not be possible to add new photos. For unlimited photos we recommend to buy a premium collection starting $0.79!

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Press coverage II

After fairly quiet weeks in the past, we gained some buzz in the last couple of days. Everything started with a pretty good review of Troovi at ReadWriteWeb, according to Technorati one of the top15 blogs worldwide:

We have seen our fair share of photo sharing tools lately, but Troovi sets itself apart from the competition by offering an anonymous, fast, and easy to use photo sharing service in an exceptionally well designed package.


While Troovi’s core features are straightforward and extremely easy to use, it also has a nice set of additional features like RSS feeds and usage statistics for every album (views, visits, downloads).

Due to RWW having a coorpation with the New York Times this article was also featured in the technology section at The review inspired others to write about us in their tweets, blogs and websites worldwide. Next to, the french blog (translation) and the italian websites Italia SW (translation), Caronte Web (translation) and Matteo Dini (translation) featured our website.

But also people in the Far East are uploading lots of photos to Troovi. The japanese websites (translation) and Web2.0Share (translation) judged Troovi good enough to write articles about. I’d like to close this post with two quotes from the mentioned articles:

Troovi is undoubtedly the best service for uploading, hosting and sharing photos.

This is one of the best services available on the web to send and share their pictures directly from your computer.

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Press coverage I

One week after the official launch in Germany we received some feedback (of course in German) from various famous blogs. The first coverage was a post by Robert Basic in the Basic Thinking Blog who wrote a very positive conclusion:

The tool great for me because it’s so simple, fast and easy. A user can try the tool without the need to sign up and it can be used in a productive way. What else do you want?

Further coverage can be found at, and PC Praxis. Have fun reading it - if you understand German ;)

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Hello World

At Troovi you can privately share/exchange photos in high quality with friends in a very simple way – and the best, there’s no registration or additional software required. All you need to do is upload your photos using the shiny flash uploader and send the private link to your friends. They can add their photos and when done, you and your friends can download all photos in a zip file to their own hard drives! It’s great for all kind of events where you have various photographers and the attendees want to have all original files of all photographers on their own computers (e.g. holidays, weddings, trips, etc.)

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